What is Brainwave Optimization?


Brainwave Optimization® is a natural way to assist your brain to reach a more balanced state. 

Brainwave readings are taken by proprietary microchip enhanced sensors. An amplifier and a digital-signal processing engine facilitate a very high-resolution brainwave signal, which is hundreds of times more granular than a standard EEG.

It is different from other approaches in that it uses precision measurement devices and sophisticated algorithms to produce a high-resolution acoustic mirror of your brain’s activity in real time. 

Our advanced proprietary software converts this unique and complex data stream of brainwave frequencies into a progression of music-like tones you listen to through earbuds. Hearing its reflection in this manner prompts the brain to begin to adjust its activity to a more balanced state, resulting in a variety of improvements.

Brain State Technologies is the true pioneer of technology that supports the brain to relax and optimize itself.  There is nothing else like it in the world. 

How Does It Work?

Sensors read your brainwaves, which our proprietary software then converts to music-like tones you listen to through earbuds.

The brain recognizes its patterns in the sounds, which acts like a mirror, showing the brain its current state.

When the brain hears itself in this manner, it adjusts to more balanced rhythms.

Graphic - how does brainwave optimization work

Singers, actors, motivational speakers and professional athletes, have publicly shared their positive experiences in the media.

“When our brain is in balance, we find ourselves thinking about possibilities we would never have considered in the past.”

Lee Gerdes,

Founder, and CEO, Brain State Technologies

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