by Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, Brain State Technologies

NBC News this week reported that lack of restful sleep is a major component of weight gain.

Did you hear that? Lack of restful sleep = likelihood of weight gain.(1) It makes sense that the body would crave unhealthy food when it deems itself to be compromised from the lack of sleep and needs something quickly. Sleep medications, drugs, and alcohol may seem to make you sleep, but the reality is that your drug supported sleep is simply not that restful. Your brain doesn’t get a chance to unwind from the incredible amount of input each brain in the world receives every day. If the brain cannot unwind and clean out some of that unneeded data, then clutter builds up and the brain starts to slow down – becoming compromised or stuck.

Restful sleep is the one most basic need – right along with a healthy diet and exercise – that every human being needs and depends on for well-being as well as physical and cognitive performance.

Soothing oneself with relaxing music or even a massage or “time out” is helpful to sleep. Restful sleep is not based on how “soothed” I am, however, but on how well balanced and flexible my brain functions. In multiple clinical trials with over 400 patients, it was proven conclusively that restful sleep is dependent on brain balance – especially for the autonomic and emotional systems of the brain.

Braintellect 2® (B-2) is a product developed from over 13 years of evolution of brain supported technology. B-2 is not intended to soothe the user. It is not intended to make the brain do what someone else deems it should do in a specific area. It is not a device to help you control your brain. B-2 is an instrument of high performance technology which measures brain balance left and right in four major locations of the brain simultaneously and then mirrors the brain back to itself so it can relax itself in the most efficient manner possible. The B-2 technology actually measures which of the four areas between left and right for the autonomic and emotional systems need to relax the most, and then, in real time, B-2 reflects that brain area back to itself for the exact area(s) where relaxation is most needed. The entire brain is therefore supported to relax itself and reset. It accomplishes this reflection process in a totally noninvasive manner so the user can simply close their eyes, relax, and allow their brain to relax and reset itself to accomplish restful sleep and optimal performance.

If you are seeking support for your weight management efforts, remember that restful sleep is the basis to accomplish your intention. And, remember that nothing in the world can support the brain to accomplish restful sleep nearly as effectively as the B-2 or Brainwave Optimization® provided by licensed BWO providers around the world.


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