Michael was excited to begin his college football career as a Center for a prestigious Southern California University. Shortly after the season began, Michael sustained 2 concussions on 2 consecutive days leaving him physically and emotionally sick. He was almost immediately flown home to Scottsdale, Arizona where he was rushed to the emergency room, after experiencing unresponsive episodes, which his Dad recorded on his cell phone.

Concerned friends and neighbors, after hearing about the seriousness of Michael’s situation, told his parents that they needed to take him to Brain State Technologies® for Brainwave Optimization®. The family made an appointment for Michael to begin sessions.

Michael was different, and significantly improved, after the first day. He had both Brainwave Optimization, and used the BRAINtellect® 2 headband at home each night.

Brainwave Optimization helps your brain to relax to regain and restore balance. When your brain operates at peak efficiency, many different things improve. This is true relaxation that helps you feel better both mentally and physically and the difference can be observed on the before and after brainwave graphs.

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