6 months ago, my boyfriend and I broke up after a 5-year relationship. The only other time I was so devastatingly heartbroken was when my first love ended as a teenager.

The first breakup was during a time when everything in my life was unstable, and it took me a very long time to get over it. In fact, after that, I never really allowed myself to get that attached. When my relationships ended, I was fine. It didn’t hurt at all.

But, this time was different. Our relationship began shortly after I was widowed. It was necessary for my young adult kids to go stay with family in Houston, while I coped, grieved and fought to get back on my feet. He comforted me when my only sister died a year later. Everything in my life was in chaos and everyone who loved me unconditionally was gone in one way or another. I was totally vulnerable and I fell deeply in love with him. He was my anchor in the storm.

A year after my sister passed away, I was lead to Brain State Technologies® through a professional introduction. The moment Lee Gerdes described Brainwave Optimization®, I knew I had to do it. I had a full Foundation series, which lifted me out of a deep depression that a year of therapy alone couldn’t help. It was life changing. I felt tremendously better; calm and a sense of inner peace and joy that I had never experienced before.

Since the breakup, however, I’ve been emotionally devastated. I likely still had some residual grief and emotions from the other losses, and this is the first time I’ve been alone in decades, so it really wrecked me both physically and emotionally. My daily prayers, meditation and affirmations, listening for God’s direction and answers, weren’t enough.

Studies, using fMRI technology, have shown that certain areas of the brain are impacted after a break up:

· A brain in love looks a lot like a brain on drugs, so when the relationship ends, especially if love is still there, you are experiencing something similar to withdrawal.

· You’re no longer getting your daily dose of Oxytocin and other good feeling chemicals the brain releases from hugs, affection and feeling loved.

· Your pain system is activated and is responsible for the feelings of sadness, grief, and despair, and that pain is very real.

On top of that, I have Lupus, and maintaining my health is a constant battle. The emotional stress triggered health problems.

So, after this major heartbreak of losing my boyfriend, I went through a cascading series of health issues, including a surgical biopsy, a trip to the ER by ambulance for a blood clot in my lung days before Christmas, and then another medical procedure requiring anesthesia. And I went through it all alone.

I’ve been using my BRAINtellect® 2 (B-2), but all the things I just went through are major traumas. I just wasn’t getting over it. Although I’m no longer on pain medication, they affect the brain and make it harder for it to return to a more balanced state.

I was feeling really unsettled, a weird kind of pressure. I was miserable and stuck.

I realized that what I really needed was Brainwave Optimization sessions. I went in to our corporate Optimization Center, and, boy, did my Brainwaves tell the tale. I was in a total freeze state, which is exactly how I felt. I did a session a day, 6 in total, over 2 weeks and used my B-2 for 6 to 10 minutes a day.

I’ll admit that not being able to have a cocktail when I went out with my girlfriends can be hard when I want to loosen up a little socially. But I still had fun anyway and steadfastly know that this will allow my brain to balance and those new neural pathways to develop and strengthen that will allow my brain to maintain the results.

Valentine’s Day morning, I finally began to feel calm and relaxed again. And today, I am feeling so much better! I have more energy and actually feel motivated again; getting some things done personally that I hadn’t taken care of. I started a diet and began working out with a personal trainer. I’ve already lost 10 pounds (so far)! It feels really good taking action and moving forward doing some things for myself. I feel hopeful and inspired again.

When life “happens” and it gets pretty close to being more than you can handle, (I felt some pretty serious despair,) you might consider going in for Brainwave Optimization sessions, and in between, using the B-2 to sustain your results.

At Brain State Technologies, there is no judgment for anyone. We feel love and acceptance towards every single person who walks through the door because most of us have been through something really difficult that deeply affected us and Brainwave Optimization helped us tremendously. That’s why we’re here. And almost all of our providers have similar stories of overcoming adversity thanks to Brainwave Optimization. So we all really care about you too. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing people’s faces change and hearing how they feel after their sessions. We feel good knowing that their results will be lasting with regular B-2 use.

Brain State Technologies’ Mission is “to help people” and I am sharing my personal story in hopes of inspiring you. Whether you’re dealing with the death of a loved one, a divorce, struggles with family or your job, we’re here to help.

If you haven’t had Brainwave Optimization before, you can start using the B-2 immediately to “prime” the brain. The brain moves more quickly during optimization, when this priming has occurred beforehand.