A recent Brainwave Optimization client returned for her 3 week tune-up session and brought a list of all the changes she has noticed occurred during the 3 weeks following her Brainwave Optimization sessions:

1)      Less anxiety, especially much less social anxiety which was debilitating previously

2)      More energy after work when she used to “hit a wall”

3)      Improved mental clarity

4)      Her stutter is gone (she used to stutter when she felt anxious, which was frequent)

5)      Has more patience with her spouse

6)      She can articulate herself better

7)      Sleep is deeper and more restorative

8)      More confidence at work and with co-workers

9)      More motivation and drive, tackling new projects

10)   Greater capacity for life

11)   Greater resilience to stress and change

12)   Much less hopeless thinking/negative self-talk

We are always so excited to hear about our client’s positive and life-changing results. It inspires Brain State Technologies to continue this important work helping others to improve their overall wellness and well-being.