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Stress and emotional trauma can cause the brain to get “stuck.”

If you cut your finger, the healing process is driven by your own natural process and resources. The capacity for this recovery is a basic property of all living things. Brainwave Optimization® supports the brain’s own innate and natural ability to use its own resources to recover. The brain is like a musical instrument that has been knocked “out of tune” by emotional trauma or ongoing stress.

Brainwave Optimization® helps your brain move forward, returning to a state of balance. Once the brain begins to reset itself, it begins to return to its optimal state.

It is not a treatment or therapy for medically defined disease or psychological disorders, and it is not a way to diagnose or treat diseases or disorders.

Please ask your provider to explain any potential side affects you may experience.

How Does It Work?

This process harnesses advanced computing technologies to create an Acoustic Brain Mirror™ for your brain activity. Non-invasive biometric sensors are placed on your scalp to read your brain rhythms with great precision. Software translates this brainwave activity into sounds of different pitch and timing. These sounds are played back to you through earbuds, in real time. This self-reflection process supports the brain to bring itself to a deeply relaxed state. From this state, the brain tends to reorganize its own rhythms, on its own terms.

Who Is It For?

Brainwave Optimization® is for individuals who wish to make a life change from the inside-out. It is for those who believe that they have inner resources that, if accessed, can provide them with a path that meets their own unique needs and goals.

Trauma and chronic stress can lead the brain to become “stuck,” and individuals with such history are especially likely to benefit from gaining a deep state of relaxation. When the brain deeply relaxes and resets itself, it can self-optimize to improve health, wellness and well- being. It may also allow the recovery, overall functionality and even increase one’s performance abilities.

It is not a treatment or therapy for medically defined disease or psychological disorders, and it is not a way to diagnose diseases or disorders.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits are produced through you and your own brain. The role of Brainwave Optimization® is to facilitate a state of relaxation and flexibility of brain rhythms – from there, you and your brain can produce greater well-being, enhanced performance, and often, other positive experiences that no one can even predict.

Our clients’ commonly report better sleep, release of chronic stress or emotional trauma, improvement in areas of cognitive difficulties or learning challenges, and reduced addictive personality tendencies.

Brainwave Optimization® and the BRAINtellect® are not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom. Brainwave Optimization and the BRAINtellect are intended to facilitate relaxation and auto-calibration of neural oscillations.

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