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How Brainwave Optimization Got Me Through a Devastating Breakup

6 months ago, my boyfriend and I broke up after a 5-year relationship. The only other time I was so devastatingly heartbroken was when my first love ended as a teenager. The first breakup was during a time when everything in my life was unstable, and it took me a very...

Stress-Induced Lack of Sleep Contributes to Violence

Stress-Induced Lack of Sleep Contributes to Violence

I don’t believe it is an accident – the recent events in Minneapolis, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Kansas City and others – were all events where a military veteran or first responder were identified as perpetrating the violence. In a recent study by the American Academy of...

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Effective Weight Loss Requires Restful Sleep

Effective Weight Loss Requires Restful Sleep

by Lee Gerdes, Founder & CEO, Brain State Technologies NBC News this week reported that lack of restful sleep is a major component of weight gain. Did you hear that? Lack of restful sleep = likelihood of weight gain.(1) It makes sense that the body would crave...

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